Exactly what model are the BBC using for Sunday’s forecast?

Originally posted 1436 BST on 13 October 2019

I wish the BBC would specify in their TV forecasts exactly which model they are using because in last night’s weather for the week ahead the chart for Sunday looked nothing like the latest UKMO forecast chart for T+120. It’s at times like these when the variance between NWP models is great that you need to be using the best model available and which the taxpayers of this country have invested £97 million of their money in. Then at least on Sunday evening we can look back and reflect that was money well spent or not.

Courtesy of the BBC & UKMO


Synoptically the Met Office forecast chart for Sunday was pretty accurate. The rain area the BBC were showing was much too far north, and during Sunday afternoon was covering the south of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England and edging northeast out into the North Sea.

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