Exceptionally snowy start to April continues

I have seen a fair few April’s whilst living in the north of Scotland from 1987 to 1995, and now again from 2018, but I’ve never seen one as snowy as this one. Overnight we have had at least another 6 cm of snow which makes four mornings out of five this week with snow lying from moderate or heavy snow showers. Most days the sun does comes out and melts snow cover during the day, but it’s been cold enough for it to persist in the shade, and here in the dip in our bit of Strathpeffer there’s a fair bit of shade from the big trees planted by the Victorians. The Met Office in their forecasts are saying that the it’s not settling on the roads, but it did in this last one, but despite this it didn’t change the speed of the traffic at all. This week reminded me of the snowy springs I saw in the 1960’s living in the north of Sheffield as a child. Looking at the radar it looks like the Strath this morning is right in the firing line from a string of heavy showers coming down in the NW’ly flow. The showers aren’t as numerous as they were earlier this week but the flow is a little more backed than it was.

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