Feb 2021 – mean temperature anomalies

Raw data courtesy of NCEP reanalysis

In February 2021 mean temperatures were dominated by high anomalies across the Arctic and northeast Canada (>+7°C), and intense cold conditions across the northwest of Russia (-9°C) and America, with a trough of cold anomalies (-7°C) there running diagonally from western Canada southeastward to the Gulf of Mexico. A shallow cold pool of air persisted in mid-Atlantic (-1°C) with another cold pool over southern Norway (-1.5°C). A band of milder anomalies (+2 to +4°C) stretched from France into the Mediterranean and across into the Middle East. IONA saw colder air in the far northeast with milder air in the far southeast. The trouble with anomaly charts for a period as long as a month in a month of extremes is that the two extremes tend to cancel each other out, and so it was in February. So here’s a close look at February week by week to see how the cold of the second week was replaced by the warmth in the following two weeks.

No where demonstrated this switch between anomalies of -7° and anomalies of +8°C better than parts of central Germany, here’s a thermograph for 52.5° N 10° E by example.

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