Feb 2021 – precipitation

Raw data courtesy UKMO

After the record wet February of 2020 precipitation totals in February 2021 were much closer to average in gridded data for the whole of the UK from the Met Office. The trouble with gridded data on such a large scale as the UK especially with regard to precipitation, is that it hides all the regional nuances, and as you can see from the anomaly chart below there were large variation across the country, from relatively dry across the north of Scotland to very wet further south in central and southern Scotland and down into the northwest and northeast of England. February rainfall in the UK has changed very little since 1862 if you believe the linear trend which shows a 0.7 mm increase per decade since then.

Chart courtesy UKMO

3 thoughts on “Feb 2021 – precipitation”

  1. Wetter by 0.7mm per decade !!! OMG !
    Scientific proof that we are all about to drown in our beds as the boiling acidic oceans engulf us.

    1. I can still remember that old immortal Chinese proverb from an episode of “Kung Fu” in the 1970’s when Master Kan said to Kwai Chang Caine:-
      “Weather changes quickly – but climate changes only very slowly Grasshopper”

  2. But the Master Baiters at the Met Office keep putting out charts like the one you show – (up to 51% greater than average) & that’s what the statistically challenged public see & believe (a wonderful way to distort the truth by using another truth), the few that question that may go & ‘do research’ at https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/about-us/press-office/news/weather-and-climate/2020/2020-winter-february-stats – only to find the figures confirmed & reinforced by statements like … “such events have been made 59% more likely by climate change” & the average person goes away convinced that … ‘It’s much werseror than wat we thunk’.

    You know how stupid the average person can be, well, 50% are stupider than that !

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