Feels like charts

Courtesy BBC

The BBC weathercasters are going overboard at the moment with their use of ‘Feels Like’ charts. It can’t be helped, it’s something they do every year at this time to get more of a wow factor into their presentations. The only trouble is that if you don’t notice the ‘Feels Like’ title, or if you forget to add a title as Matt Taylor did last week and scare Naga Munchetty to bits, it can get rather confusing when temperature charts are interspersed with ‘Feels Like’ charts as they are frequently doing at the moment. It would solve a lot of problems when they are using both if they just added a title ‘Temperature’ to help viewers differentiate the two. It just so happens that on Wednesday morning minimum forecast temperatures across IONA will be as low as the ‘Feels Like’ temperature.

Courtesy BBC

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