First day of winter

Yes I know, before any of the purist’s out there amongst you write in, I know officially winter doesn’t start till the winter solstice has occured at 0419 UTC tomorrow morning, but for as long as I can remember, and as far as my climatological stats are concerned the 21st of December, March, June and September mark the start of each season, and none of this meteorological reckoning. Having said that I am sometimes forced to work that way if all you can access is monthly, rather than daily data. The 1215 UTC visible satellite image testifies to the fact it’s been another lovely day up in Ross-shire even though the sun hardly manages to scrape above the Cats Back at this time of year. Temperatures were close to average this Autumn in central England, but it ended up being the coldest Autumn since 2012 in the latest provisional figures from the Met Office.

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