Four inches of rain across Fife overnight

Estimated Rainfall accumulations
0500 UTC 11 August – 0655 UTC 12 August

My estimates from weather radar images suggest that there has been around four inches of rain from severe thunderstorms in a belt that stretches northward from Edinburgh, across the Firth of Forth then on into Fife and Perthshire. The storms in Perth seem to have reached a peak at around 02 UTC in the morning when estimates suggest that well over 30 mm of rain fell in just a single hour. This no doubt this has caused quite a bit of flooding in the area, but so far we have got away with it in Easter Ross.

Perth Youth Hostel
Estimated Rainfall Accumulation

Thunderstorms had been tracking north across the Cairngorms all yesterday afternoon so this was an ongoing severe yellow weather warning event. It was only the other day that I was saying that I had never seen the Met Office anything other than a yellow warning for thunderstorms, well they put that right last evening by issuing an amber warning at 2259 BST. My only comment is how much rain has to fall before they’ll issue a red warning?

Courtesy of UKMO

Yesterday was another busy day for SFERICs across the UK and nearby Europe as you can see in.

Courtesy of Blitzortung
0000 UTC 10th August – 0745 UTC 11th August


Since writing this post this morning and after the news of the rail derailment just to the west of Stonehaven I thought I would just update the estimated accumulations to pick up the rain that fell after 0655 UTC.

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