Four to seven celsius

Courtesy BBC

Three times Alina Jenkins in her lunch time forecast said temperatures were in a range of four to seven celsius and three times they weren’t. That was probably because the script she had rehearsed in her head was out of synch with the graphics or maybe just needs to wear glasses. I can never for the life of me understand why weathercasters have to state what the extreme range of temperatures are on a chart they are displaying anyway – what’s the point? It doesn’t add any any value to the forecast in the slightest, it would be much better if they said something like “temperatures below average” or “continuing cold in the north but milder in the south” or maybe just don’t say anything and take a slightly longer pause for effect. Apart from that she’s a great presenter and probably the best female weathercaster at the BBC, showing hardly a trace of Scotia Myopia if wasn’t for those temperatures she missed!

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