Give them an extra minute for goodness sake…

The story of this week for me north of Inverness is how we seemed to miss much of the heavy rain and showers that affected the rest of the country on just about every day this week. However the latest batch that crossed England during Friday and skirted up the east coast did drop over 60 mm (estimated) of rain in places along the Moray coast, especially east of Elgin, but never made it any further east than Inverness. As far as I can remember there was no heavy rain warning out for this event from the Met Office. I’m getting used to how the north is treated in the national TV weather forecast now. Because of the time constraints they are under, and if the weather is bad in the south, they simply don’t have time to mention anywhere else in the country. To give the presenter an extra minute when the weather is particularly bad is surely not going to upset the scheduling too much for following programs.

The rainfall for the last week
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