Global temperatures – recent sharp rise finally starts to peak

I have been spouting on about how I thought the sharp rise in 12 month average global temperatures, which started in 2018, should start to fall back since late February, and finally after over four months of waiting, that finally seems to be happening in the world’s leading global temperature series. I had thought that the simple logic behind my DIY global temperature series which uses NOAA reanalysis data was at fault, perhaps because it uses daily gridded values it is in fact more sensitive than the monthly values?
The latest daily values through August continue to show a decline in the global 365 day moving average in my DIY series. I don’t see any likelihood of 2020 overtaking 2016 and becoming the warmest year on record, but who knows, no one expected Donald Trump to become President and now he looks good for a second term!

xmetman DIY global temperature series

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