Good old Met Office

Courtesy of the Met Office

There are no warnings of strong wind in force today from the Met Office. But Meteoalarm reveals that’s not the case in other countries across Europe. Portugal have warnings issued for gusts of 75 kph on their coasts, Norway have issued warnings for coastal areas for mean speed of 20-30 mps (Beaufort force 7 to 8), and the Irish have warning issued for their coastline for the same thing, but good old blighty with gusts of 100 kph or so have issued sod all. Whatever happened to the inshore waters forecast that the Met Office produce twice a day, shouldn’t that at least be passed onto Meteoalarm for inclusion? The Met Office doesn’t seem to want to buy in to this European Meteoalarm initiative for aggregating all severe weather warnings issued across Europe into one place. It’s probably the same kind of thinking that brought us the Brexit movement in the first place and why we are now leaving it.

The maximum wind gusts are just not enough to issue a yellow warning for strong winds, nevertheless southwesterly winds are meaning force six or seven across many parts of Scotland this afternoon.

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