Great minds think alike

Courtesy UKMO

Great minds think alike! I just pipped the Met Office in my last blog to this warning for strong winds during the 26-27th from a deep low that’s been loitering with intent in the extended frames of the NWP models for some days now. Maximum gusts across the Pennines according to the French ARPEGE model are 70 knots in the early hours of the 27th of December, it’s a good job these winds didn’t arrive early in the New Year otherwise they may well have slapped a 30% tariff on them. Obviously the UKMO see the potential for severe gales in the lee of the Pennines as a strong possibility in a set up like this, but everywhere across England and Wales looks to be in for a very windy Saturday night. I am now quite sure this will end up as being storm Bella. That last sentence will definitely put the kiss of death on any chance of that actually happening now! The interesting warning the Met Office hasn’t committed issuing an early warning for at the moment is one for the potential of snow for northern of Scotland.


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