Gusts to 72 mph overnight

Extreme gusts
Excuse the title I’ll fix that one day

I should have realised long before now that it’s impossible to fathom the logic that lies behind the Met Office warning system because there simply isn’t any. For example the Met Office issued a yellow warning for strong winds for Kent and Sussex for Wednesday morning as storm Barbara scooted by. That did produce some strong winds for a time along the channel coast and a gale for an hour and extreme gust of 55 mph at Langdon Bay. But for low Lucy* overnight, which produced maximum gusts of Beaufort force 10 or higher at eighteen different stations and not just one across IONA, they issued nothing. I realise that the majority of these extreme gusts were predominately in coastal areas, but so were the gusts on Wednesday. They can’t claim that the strong winds aren’t causing travel problems on the ferries to and fro to the Hebrides because they clearly are. So why don’t they apply the same logic they use for issuing warnings in the south to the north?

*Institute of Meteorology, Berlin

Wind speed in knots
Courtesy of Cal-Mac
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