Heat low triggers thunderstorm close to Coventry

It has been awhile since I’ve seen a proper heat low form over the UK, but it has this afternoon just to the west of London, and this evening it has managed to spark of a thunderstorm just to the southwest of Coventry. If this thunderstorm survives any length of time and tracks N’NW Merseyside may well be in the firing range as it so often was in the thundery outbreak in June. Then again it looks more like a classic heat thunderstorm of old rather than in association with some dynamic feature as the ones over the Isle of Man obviously are. I would have liked to include today’s highest temperatures [06-18] but I notice that the value for Heathrow was missing at 18 UTC – very suspicious that the AWS should play up for just for the 18 UTC observations – was it faulty or was it pulled for some reason?

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