Heavy rainfall 7-8 November

Estimated 24 hour rainfall totals

If you look closely at the above image of rainfall estimates there are two shades of pinkish red across the estimated rainfall chart for the 24 hours ending 06 UTC this morning, the redder of the two areas of pixels are in the range of 75-100 mm, which is not bad going in 24 hours in the UK, and if you look at the inset graph in the above image the majority of that fell before midnight. As far as I can ascertain by comparing them with actual totals (06-06) these estimates look reasonable. Interestingly the highest totals aren’t restricted to the higher ground of the eastern slopes of the Pennines, but occur over the relatively low lying parts of south Yorkshire, north Lincolnshire and Humberside. The overnight flooding that occurred in parts of south Yorkshire is reminiscent of that which occurred on the 25th of June 2007 in Sheffield, and from what I can see of the available synoptic charts they are some some similarities.

Courtesy of wetterzentrale

The Flooding event as news on the BBC

The BBC 6 PM news last night could and should have covered this flooding in South Yorkshire but didn’t. The flooding event had been unfolding all afternoon in Sheffield but the BBC chose to concentrate exclusively on the election for the whole 30 minutes. I swapped the TV to watch the BBC Look North news from Leeds at 6.30 PM (because let’s face it, why would the BBC have a TV studio in the third largest English region (582,506)?) who to their credit did manage to get a reporter 30 miles down the M1 to make a report and get some video footage of the situation in the area. So the BBC national news had video footage and a live reporter on the scene, but the producer chose not to run with the story, which shows that it’s not just the weather in the UK that gets London centric coverage, it’s news and everything else when it gets north of Watford. In hindsight, and at least 12 hours out of synch, the BBC are all over this story. If memory serves, this is precisely what happened back in June 2007, when it wasn’t till someone brought it to the attention of BBC News that there were videos on social media of people standing on the tops of cars to escape flooded streets in Sheffield. Nothing much as changed in the years since it would seem.

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