Hello again…

You can always tell when you’re listening to a taped weather forecast on the BBC news channel. For instance Carol Kirkwood always starts the same way by saying “Hello again”. It’s like this because of the Coronavirus pandemic of course, with instructions that we should all work from home if possible. But the BBC seem to have taken advantage of this by introducing taped forecasts for much of the day – whatever happened to poor old Simon King? Perhaps ‘live’ weather forecasts are just a luxury that the BBC can no longer afford in these days of swingeing cuts to their budget from the BBC hating Tory government we have at the moment. I don’t see it being the case that even if the weather is particularly extreme somewhere in the country that news producers revert back to live forecasts to keep viewers informed of any severe weather in their region. This isn’t good news, and it’s not what news broadcasts should be about, neither are taped weather forecasts that are three hours out of date when they are broadcast. It may be that we shouldn’t assume that ‘live’ weather forecasts on the BBC will return whenever some sort of normalcy returns, if it ever does.

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