Here’s the latest view from space showing where’s it’s sunny and where it’s cloudy…

Apologies for the title. I am just trying to give you a flavor of how we are being talked down to by any number of so called ‘experts’ or ‘scientists’ in recent weeks. The title is from a tweet by the Met Office press team in regard to this mornings satellite image. It’s even worse than them saying “we are changing the direction of the wind” rather than the wind will veer that I blogged about earlier this week. Anyway back to the image itself and the blanket of upper cloud that we had for most of yesterday seems to have been dried out and shredded across most parts, only to be replaced by another band coming in from the northwest. I did jest the other day that anticyclones across the UK always seem to be able to deliver a fly in the ointment when they come along.

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