High April mean helped by warm days but held back by cold nights

As is often the case in spring across IONA mean temperatures although bolstered by warm afternoons during the day can be held back by colder than average nights. So far this April mean minimum temperatures [18-06] are lower by as much as -2.7°C below the LTA in Aboyne in Aberdeenshire, but conversely maximum temperatures [06-18] are as high as 4.5°C above the LTA in Pershore in Worcestershire.

Will it be the warmest April on Record?

I can’t see that happening for the UK as a whole, because although it’s been very warm at times across England and Wales, it’s been much colder with temperatures closer to average further north, and at the moment despite what Nicola Sturgeon might like to think Scotland is still a part of the UK. Using the CET daily series as a yardstick with a week to go it’s currently the joint fifth warmest April since 1772 in central England, behind the super mild April of 2011 and 2007.

Latest Daily CET up to the 22 April 2020
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