High pressure in charge – really?

I don’t believe Almondsbury.
It’s about time the Met Office install an AWS with a sunshine sensor at Fort William and Birmingham

It’s been a very dull month so far in our part of northern Scotland, especially in the last week with haar affecting the bottom end of the strath towards Dingwall again this morning. As I’ve said before on xmetman, I find that perversely the brightest and sunniest weather in our part of the world is usually when the weather is more cyclonic than it is anticyclonic, and so it proved this week. Last weekend I was fully expecting a week of crisp autumnal days with a drying, if cold northeasterly wind, plenty of sunshine by day with early morning frosts and little if any precipitation. I couldn’t have been more wrong the Met Office forecast of daya after day of cloud was very accurate indeed in summing up this weeks weather here.

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