High temperatures & low dewpoints above the inversion again on mountain tops

Someone must have thought the high temperatures from the SIESAWS observations on Cairngorm were spurious today because the UKMO have pulled them from their published list of observations from 07 UTC this morning. That’s a pity because other mountain tops across the UK are also reporting unseasonably high temperatures and very low dewpoints, maybe not quite as high as those reported yesterday on Cairngorm, but who knows what kind of warming the rocky top of a mountain can produce with subsidence, light winds and strong insolation. On Aonach Mor (1130 M amsl) close to Ben Nevis the temperatures was a respectable 7.2°C with a dewpoint of -23.7°C at 12 UTC today. I made the anomaly a full nine degrees above the 1981-2010 LTA for 12 UTC, which easily made it the warmest place in IONA anomaly wise today.

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