Highest pressure in January

The highest surface pressure in the month of January in the UK since 1871 was 1053.6 hpa on the 31st of January 1902 at Aberdeen University. The reason I mention this is because in the next few days pressure is expected to build across the UK, and a large and intense anticyclone will form across southern parts (fig 1). The forecast central pressure looks to be well in excess of 1045 hPa but it doesn’t seem likely that it will threaten the existing 118 year old record.

Figure 1
Chart for Monday 20th January
Courtesy of ECMWF

In more recent times, on the 16th of January 1957 to be precise, the surface pressure did manage to exceed 1050 hPa off western Scotland (fig 2).

Figure 2
Courtesy of NCEP & Wetterzentrale
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