Hoist by their own petard

I have seen many yellow warnings for strong winds issued by the Met Office in the last four years that have not resulted in a named storm. So what’s so different with storm Ciara this weekend? The Met Office seem to have been hoist by their own petard with storm Ciara, in their haste they’ve named a storm four days before it was forecast to even happen, but at the moment Sunday only merits a yellow warning. To prevent any possibility of anything like this happening in the future, it might be good idea if they amended their protocols, and only allow a storm to be named till after an amber or higher warning has been issued for it. Who knows perhaps on Friday or Saturday they will issue an amber warning and let themselves of the hook.

As you can see the Met Office, in typical civil service style, have split Saturday (1200-2359 UTC) and Sunday (0000-2359 UTC) into two separate yellow warnings for strong wind this weekend. I find this rather confusing, because a part from a “small chance of gusts of 70 to 80 mph” in Scotland on Sunday they are identical, and because they are consecutive, shouldn’t storm Ciara arrive on Saturday and last for 36 hours?

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