Honey I’ve shrunk the warning!

The Great Oz has decided to shrink the amber warning area for heavy rain, he can do that because he is all powerful after all, but the question is did he shrink it enough? He has also extended the area, particularly in the west taking it more into Merseyside and much closer to the Irish Sea coast, why he didn’t use the opportunity to extend it further north towards Carlisle and the River Eden remains a mystery, and I’m not even going to mention Wales. He has removed Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire from but left a lobe extending south from Sheffield to Leicester for some reason. The heavy rain over the Dark Peak since midnight has started to filter down the River Don in Sheffield.

I’m running out of colours in mode two of my Web Radar application in which I have added a grey filter for estimates less than 25 mm for the last 32 hours or so.

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