How high do gusts have to get before the Met Office issues an amber warning?

Courtesy of the UKMO

Despite getting the extent of yesterday’s yellow warning for strong winds all wrong, the Met Office have refused to tweak and update their initial warning that they issued on Friday morning. They must be very confident in their own NWP, hoping that as ex-hurricane Zeta swings across the northwest of Scotland this afternoon it will spring no surprises. Other NWP models suggest winds will be stronger than the maximum gusts of 75 mph expected by the Met Office, in fact the according to the ECMWF hires model gusts could be close to 80 knots across south Uist later this afternoon. It looks to me like the northern Isles will also see similar yellow conditions later, but once again the Great Oz has excluded them from his warning.
I personally think that a lot of this is to do with the politics of naming of storms and amber warnings. If they anticipate gusts of 80 mph or more they should up that warning to amber and name the storm Bella. Maybe because the low had some vague connection to hurricane Zeta in the past they feel like they can’t rename it Bella. So what do you they do? They just sit on it and try to ride the whole thing out as a yellow warning event!

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