How low will it go?

Ben Wyvis from the Cromarty Firth
Sunday 31 Jan 2021

It’s been a third day of sunshine across northern Scotland and it’s going to be another very cold night once again across the Highlands. The temperature last night dipped to a chilly -12.2°C (08 & 09 UTC) and never got above -5.1°C (16 UTC) as far as I can see from the hourly SYNOP observations, and is already down to -8.8°C (17 UTC) this evening. I wonder how low it will go before the gradient picks up later in the night? The picture that I’ve included was one I took this afternoon of Ben Wyvis from the east as view from the Cromarty Firth. As you may make out there was a thin layer of ice on the Firth and not just on the coastal fringes either.

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