How unusual is a 983 hPa low in May?

How unusual is a low of 983 hPa in May across IONA? Well looking at these extremes for a grid of pressure points that I’ve gleaned from reanalysis data from 1948, I would say at a guess that a low as deep as this one comes along every 10 years or so. Having said that there have been much deeper lows than Eugen in past years so no record breaker.

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  1. In May 1943, Dublin recorded 971.0 mbar on 8 May followed by 1042.2 mbar on 16th, a rise of 71 mbar in eight days. (Source: Burt, S., 2007: The Highest of the Highs … Extremes of barometric pressure in the British Isles, Part 2 – the most intense anticyclones. Weather, 62, 31-41.)

    1. Thanks for that – I have used that article before in xmetman.
      There is a very comprehensive up to date list hosted on Wikipedia.
      That gives the lowest as 968.0 hPa on the 8th May 1943.
      UK Minimum MSLP

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