How well did the BBC do?

Just a quick look back at the forecast from the BBC and Meteogroup to see how they did forecasting yesterday’s maximum and the overnight minimum temperatures. The early presenter yesterday was Louise Lear who was convinced the highest temperature would be 18°C across London. Normally she would be on a winner with this notion, but not yesterday, because Kinlochewe pipped that with some to spare at 19.7°C. The strong sunshine and foehn wind helped see to that, even in a cool easterly the west coast of Scotland is always going to be up there as one of the warmest places in the UK as I wagered it might on Thursday. Aviemore on Saturday had been the warmest place in the UK for exactly the same reason with a massive diurnal variation. I reckon the presenters look at the temperature labels they slap on the charts, which are usually very misleading, and get the idea that they give you an accurate idea of the warmest place.

Courtesy of the BBC (with a little modification)

How did they do with the overnight minimum temperature?

Courtesy of the BBC

Louise was right when she said ‘perhaps’ because there was another moderate frost quite widely across the northeast of Scotland especially in “rural areas” away from the coast, with Aboyne again being the coldest place at -4.9°C. This is the second morning that we’ve woken up to find our garden white in hoar frost, the thing is 95% of the land in this area is rural, and this is now the fourth light frost in a row, it’s not perhaps, it’s not light, and it’s not right.

Chris Fawkes went with a “maybe” rather than a “perhaps” but was still short of the mark and I’ve never seen a patch of frost…

Courtesy of the BBC

I don’t think that “light frost” is a very appropriate description for the recent frosts we’ve experienced, when air temperatures are below freezing at places from around 00 UTC for around six hours, and we have lit our wood burner each evening just to take the edge off the temperature in our living room.

In Conclusion

How well did they do? Well from my perspective in our part of northern Scotland not very well.

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