Hurn closes in on record for sunniest May

Accumulated sunshine – May 2020

The sunshine total so far this month is 295.5 hours at Hurn, aka Bournemouth airport, is fast closing in on the May record of 317.4 hours set in 1989. So can it close the gap of 21.9 hours in three days? I should think it’s a slam dunk given the latest forecast for southern England. I’m very lucky to have the monthly climate data for Hurn, because it just happens to be one of the 37 stations that the Met Office make public to show how good they are to the citizens of the UK with their climate data. Talking about mean national weather services, the DWD issued a full set of SYNOP observations on the 20th, which just happened to include the sunshine totals for the 19th, and that’s why my application picked them up and displayed just that one day in the above chart. This is another example of just how mean spirited national weather services are getting with their climate and observational data, at one time the Germans published all of their SYNOP data but not anymore.

Hurn – May 1957 to 2019
Hurn – Hourly Sunshine May 2020
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