Hurricane Delta

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Will Delta make a right turn?

The 2020 North Atlantic tropical cyclone has sprung back into life after a quite spell with a couple of new tropical storms. One of these, tropical cyclone Delta has been intensifying rapidly overnight and has now been classified as a category two hurricane by the NHC. It’s central pressure according to latest aircraft reports is 968 hPa much lower than the 985 hPa forecast by the ECMWF for 06 UTC this morning. Delta’s cloud tops are a low as -90°C and an eye is trying to emerge. In my opinion Delta is shaping up to be the most intense hurricane of the 2020 season. The precise track of Delta is still open to doubt because it is forecast to make a turn towards the north before the weekend. Residents of the Gulf coast of the United States will already be watching Delta’s progress with interest.

Courtesy of the NHC
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