I always reckon anomalies of +10°C is heatwave territory

The temperature pushed up a little higher to 24.0°C at Lossiemouth at 12 UTC. That’s 9.7°C above my best guess anomalies for today from the average as many 12 UTC Lossiemouth observations I’ve collected over the years. I always reckon that temperature anomalies as high as 10°C above the LTA are a good marker for a heatwave even when the temperatures aren’t that particularly high at 24°C. Obviously this would have to occur on at least three consecutive days. That’s certainly the case in southern Norway again this afternoon with several stations with anomalies higher than that. Darren Bett said in his lunchtime forecast that temperatures had already reached 23°C in western Scotland, obviously he is privy to the secret climate station reports that include Achnagart, although he seems to a have ignored the Moray Coast observations and reckons that in his opinion the warmest place will be in London with 25°C. Just to put my theory to the test here are the anomalies on the hottest day in UK history.

It’s a shame that Cambridge are on the top secret climate list reserved for the elite and those that pay, but if you read my report for that day you’ll notice that I did access the data using MIDAS, which is free but not live, and shows that the maximum anomaly for Cambridge that day was +15.4°C.

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