I beg to differ Darren

Courtesy BBC

Darren Bett reckons that the biggest change in the weather today across the UK was across the east coast of England, where thanks to a change of airmass and a sea breeze of the cold North Sea temperatures will only reach 9°C on the north Norfolk coast today compared to the 24°C on Wednesday (more on this story in a moment). It could be a case of forgetfulness on his part, or maybe it’s just his Scotia Myopia, but the biggest change in the weather in my opinion is across the northwest of Scotland, where it has rained heavily since Saturday afternoon (remember the 72 hour yellow warning). I wouldn’t have minded so much if he had mentioned in passing what a lovely day it was across the northwest with not a cloud in the sky after such a wet and dreich spell of the weather since the weekend but ne’er a mention. It may be a crisp and cold after an early frost but out of the wind and in the sun it’s a beautiful day.

Courtesy NASA Worldview

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