I blame the radiosonde network in Scotland

I didn’t realise that there was a 100 knot west northwesterly jet across the UK at the moment.
Camborne is only missing, but Stornoway and Shanwell are closed permanently and have been for some years.

I was just looking at my poor old collection of upper air programs. They’ve not seen much development for a number of years, and since we emigrated to Scotland from Devon there’s even less incentive to do anymore development. The reason is pretty clear we were 92 miles downwind of Camborne when we lived in Devon, we are now 215 miles southwest of Lerwick the only radiosonde station left in Scotland these days. It wouldn’t have been so bad in the good old days when we had the luxury of two other radiosonde stations, Stornoway 80 mile to the northwest and Shanwell 100 miles to the southeast. And don’t forget in the early 1990’s we had Vaisala boundary layer sondes that we launched occasionally from Kinloss. Why the UKMO decreed that the UK upper air network is fine without a mainland radiosonde station in Scotland I’ll never know. Who knows one day if the Scottish Met Office ever becomes a reality, and they decant from Corstorphine Road to a new purpose build HQ midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, they might well start up again.

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