I do not believe it!

Carol Kirkwood in her forecasts this morning has been highlighting the roads across the UK that are most likely to be affected by snow. I don’t know which member of the Meteogroup backroom team came up with this graphic, but it’s quite obvious to me they’ve neither lived in the north of England or have a clue about the current weather situation. As a Sheffielder, I know from my experience of living there though the winters of the 1960’s and 1970’s that the most likely roads to become impassable due to snow (at least in England) would be the Woodhead pass (A628) and Snake pass (A57) neither of which figure on her map.

Traffic cams

I decided to dig a little further and thought I would look for a traffic cam to see just the state of those roads this morning to see just how much snow had fallen and if they were passable. This is what I found in the way of traffic cams across the peak district.

Courtesy of Highways England

I do not believe it!

Not a single traffic cam on either the A57 or A628. In fact Highways England only seem interested in traffic on Motorway and no other type of road. I did search for traffic cams maintained by local authorities without any luck. At least here in Scotland, Traffic Scotland do employ a more pragmatic approach to roadside cameras siting them at some of the more notorious spots that do see snow and which do get impassable in winter. As regular readers will realise I’m turning into a super charged Victor Meldrew these days, first I start moaning about the weather forecast which then morphs into a moan about traffic cams in England, I’m sure Victor would have been proud of me.

Courtesy of Traffic Scotland

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