Ice Saints cold snap arrives

07 UTC Chart

The cold front that’s moving south across IONA did as it name suggests and dropped the temperatures across the north of Scotland overnight. It also arrived just it time for the festival of Ice Saints between the 11th and 15th of May. The temperature at 4,000 feet has steadily fallen from 6°C at 12 UTC yesterday to -7°C at 07 UTC this morning, so that’s quite a change of air mass, and there’s been a dusting of snow across the higher ground even to quite low levels overnight to prove it. Nothing unusual about an outbreak of cold northerlies in May across anywhere in the UK, and it should not be attributed to AGW but I’m sure is connected in some way to it. I must say this was well forecast by the various models I’ve been following from when Ben Rich mentioned last Sunday, it’s not quite as dire as predicted but they had the right idea.

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