I’ll make it really simple for the Met Office…

Here in the highlands temperatures have been below freezing for 48 hours or more in many places. Overnight there has been some rain showers to lower ground which froze on contact producing a glaze of ice on all surfaces. If our sideroad is anything to go by then many roads in the region will be like this and extremely dangerous until salted and gritted. Is there an ice warning in force for anywhere in the Highlands – no. I’ll keep it simple for the chief forecaster down in Exeter. Pictorially here are the reasons why conditions are like this:-

The obvious action the Met Office should have taken was to have issued a yellow, or better still a red warning for ice this morning for the Highlands. What did we get:-

Courtesy of UKMO

What is the point of a warnings system if its not to warn people and communities about conditions like these? All I’ve heard from TV weather forecasts in recent days is the continual denial that the cold conditions are even occurring across northern Scotland. I can now see where that thinking originates, its in the Exeter and Meteogroup forecasting offices.

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