Insidious signs of Scotia Myopia

I will be the first to agree that on the face of it what Stav Danaos said in his weather forecast this afternoon does seems pretty innocuous. I’m not bemoaning the fact that he could have called it an anticyclone, or that he could have said that it was positioned over the Channel Islands, no I was just going to remark that as far as he was concerned it sat over the top of the country. Obviously to him, because he probably lives close to London, the country he’s talking about is England, but I think that gives you a small insight into how he thinks when presenting what is after all the “national” forecast for the whole of the UK, which surprisingly also includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This kind of London centric thinking is insidious and pervades not only presenters at Meteogroup but at the Met Office too. Apart from that, anyone with any understanding of meteorology, would realise at a glance that the above chart would bring different weather conditions to Scotland than it would for England, precisely because the anticyclone is not centred over the top of the country!

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