Is it possible to sum up the weather for a week in a single chart?

Courtesy of Channel 4

Is it possible to sum up the weather for a weeks in just a single chart? In my opinion no, but Liam Dutton of Channel 4 thinks he can. The first chart in his forecast last night at 7.55 PM certainly confused me, but that’s easily down these days, I was expecting the first chart to be the midday analysis and not the T+36 forecast chart. I admit this week is looking very cyclonic on the whole, but as we say goodbye to low Xaver exiting stage right on Wednesday, we say hello low Yap (I kid you not) as it deepens and crosses England on Friday which means its also becoming more mobile as this sequence of UKMO forecast charts illustrate. Wouldn’t an animated sequence have been a much better idea?

Courtesy of UKMO

I’m new to the weather on Channel 4 and notice that they choose to use a map projection that squashes the whole of the British Isles. It’s not quite as bad as the weather maps that were used before Meteogroup took over the contract at the BBC, but for some reason the projection they use squashes the meridional and stretches the longitudinal, so you end up with a square UK perhaps (in memory of Michael Bentine?). Apparently Channel 4 use graphics provided to them by MeteoGroup so you would have thought that maps would be totally configurable.

Meanwhile ITV weather, who use the same Visual Cortex engine as the Met Office, continue to use the Mercator projection that shrinks Scotland.