Is it wintry or wintery showers?

The national forecast prefers wintry showers but the one for the Highlands prefers wintery showers
Which one is right?

When you don’t know what’s going to come out of the sky weathercasters love to fall back on the term “wintry showers“, or should that be “wintery showers“? The Met Office don’t seem to mind which word they use, but I as always under the impression that “wintry” was correct usage, in fact my spell checker in WordPress has already underlined the word “wintery” as being wrong. The Grammarly website has the answer if you have any doubts. If they are using a bespoke text editor to put these national and regional text forecasts together with they might not have the luxury of having an inbuilt spell checker like Microsoft Word has, but consistency and a well thought out forecast is key, and some of the forecasts that I read each morning for our part of the world are a sight to behold especially with regard to geography, and it’s no wonder that 108,290 people in the Highlands prefer to put their trust in Highland and Islands Weather on Facebook.

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