It never happened when Bill Giles was in charge

Courtesy of the BBC

Yet again, not a mention of anywhere else other than the south in today’s forecast

If you just analyse what weathercasters such as Susan Powell actually say in their forecasts you’ll see they have a blatant disregard for anywhere else than southern England, which since Meteogroup took over the BBC contract on the 6th February 2018 seems to occur more frequently, that when Bill Giles (who retired in 2000) was in charge, possibly because he tried to maintain some kind of standard. In the forecast for this Sunday Susan Powell never mentioned anywhere else than southern England. I fully realise that at times they only have a minute or so to cover the whole of the UK, and perhaps thundery showers has a higher priority than warm sunshine, but last week when there was a heatwave across the south and thunderstorms the reverse seemed to be true, maybe because the heat and the sunshine were across the south of the country?
Most of my readers will know that I’m not shy about coming forward if I think the forecast is not being presented well, but there are just some presenters that I have never found wanting and they are Nick Miller, Darren Bett, Ben Rich and Matt Taylor. The reason I think that is, is because they make getting the weather forecast for the whole of the UK their primary concern, and the extra twiddly bits about what the jet streams doing, or what’s a tropical night don’t come at the expense of omitting to mention half the country in the forecast. Perhaps if the BBC gave them an extra minute or so to present the forecast in this would not be so much of an issue.

PresenterStarted FromDegree
Darren Bett1997LincolnshireEnvironmental Science
Stav Danaos2007BerkshireEnvironmental Science
Chris Fawkes2009CheshireGeography
Sarah Keith-Lucas2007SussexGeography
Simon KingAugust 2008HertfordshireEnvironmental Science
Carol KirkwoodApril 1998Inverness-shireCommerce
Louise LearApril 1998South YorkshireMusic & Drama
Nick MillerJanuary 2007North Yorkshire?
Susan Powell2001HertfordshireChemistry & Engineering
Ben Rich2012DevonBroadcast Journalism
Tomasz Schafernaker2004PolandMeteorology
Matt Taylor2004LancashireCity and Regional Planning
Helen WillettsOct 1997CheshirePhysics
Phil AveryApr 1998Fife?
Information courtesy of the BBC

And here is today’s weather forecast brought to you by a Meteosat satellite sat in a geostationary orbit in space 36,000 kilometres above the equator. As you can see most parts of IONA are cloudy with heavy thundery rain pushing into the south, in contrast Scotland is largely sunny away from the east coast as it was yesterday.

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