It will brighten up…

Courtesy BBC

It is good to know that according to Carol Kirkwood it will brighten up today across Scotland today – forget the fact that it’s already sunny with little cloud over Scotland this morning and the sun is streaming down from an azure blue sky as I can testify to here in the Highlands. I don’t think Carol or any of her colleagues down at the BBC weather have ever latched onto the concept that a picture paints a thousand words and how much more useful a visible satellite image can be than the pseudo satellite NWP representations which tell us very little indeed about the real weather.

The underuse of satellite imagery in TV forecasts in the UK has been a long standing problem for many years, we may be able to fly a drone on the planet Mars (currently 289,761,763 km away), but getting an image from a geostationary satellites, located over the equator at a height of 35,800 km down to the BBC seems beyond us, which is especially galling, when ultimately it’s the UK taxpayer that foots the bill for EUMETSAT to do this job for us.

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