It’s -7°C at Altnaharra already Darren!

Courtesy of the BBC

I can’t forgive Darren Bett for him not mentioning the gloriously sunny day that we’ve had in Scotland today, even though temperatures never got above freezing in some parts of the Highlands. What’s even worse he forgot to mention that temperatures were already -7°C at Altnaharra and Loch Glascarnoch as early as 1800 UTC this evening (and very likely to be the coldest night of the autumn and winter so far), maybe he just forgot to check the observations. The pseudo minimum temperature chart for 0500 UTC minimum which he used in his 6.30 pm broadcast, gives little indication that a severe frost will affect inland parts of Scotland in the first half of the night before snow arrives after midnight, with perfect ingredients for maximum radiative cooling – clear skies, light winds and a covering of snow. I’ve never caught him out before, but I reckon he got distracted by the rain across southern England to have noticed.

The Met Office have some lovely deep shades of blue but temperatures labeled for Stornoway, Aberdeen and Glasgow don’t help much…

Courtesy UKMO
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