It’s just too easy to say there are 75 severe flood warnings in force…

I hear on the news that people in South Yorkshire are saying that they got little or no warning of the recent flooding that occurred. I have a lot of sympathy with them over that, but I’m not sure how much of the damage the flooding would have caused could have been prevented, even if they had been given a months notice. I know the Met Office did their bit by issuing a heads-up amber warning for heavy rain at least a day before. I’m not sure how quickly and to what extent the EA reacted to this warning, they do have a very comprehensive website where you can ask to be alerted if a warning has been issued in you area, but for whatever reason these warnings don’t seem to be either heard or heeded by all. If the Government are serious about the effects of climate change and are going to continue to rely on piggybacking flood warnings to the public on the back of weather forecasts at the end of the national news, sufficient time needs to be allocated for both flooding and severe weather warnings. For too long we have relied on the presenter ending his forecast by saying “…and there are 75 severe flood warnings in force“.

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