It’s official – no snow north of Inverness

The great Oz has issued a new and rather bizarre yellow warning for snow and ice this morning for Scotland. First impressions are that it looks a little rushed judging by the gobbledygook wording in the reason for the update which reads: “Warning extended to cover more or northern and eastern Scotland”. The new warning may cover more of eastern Scotland and Aberdeenshire, but it clearly covers less of northern Scotland than the previous warning did which expires at 15 UTC. Obviously the Met Office think all places north of Inverness, most of which already have several centimetres of lying snow, can expect to have no further problems from either further snow or ice in the next 24 hours. It may come as a surprise to them that even Stornoway is reporting snow lying at 10 UTC this morning with no warning in force at all. The extent of this new warning area is patently wrong – how can anyone with any common sense carve up the north of Scotland like this with any degree of confidence in this current weather situation?

Courtesy of Eddy Graham on Twitter

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