It’s strange how quickly windchill is forgotten once Winter is over

Well it’s been a lovely sunny day in the Strath although there has been a fair bit of cirrus around at times. Temperatures have managed to get up to a respectable 13°C or 14°C despite a moderate occasionally fresh easterly wind which has made it feel rather cold at times even in the sun. Wind chill or ‘feels like’ temperatures are almost invariably used in TV weather forecasts during winter. In the easterlies during the last week I have not heard them used once by weathercasters to emphasise just how cold it feels with an onshore breeze down the east coast, most of the time the word ‘chilly’ is used as a poor substitute. I notice that the [JAG] wind chill this afternoon around the northeast coast of Scotland is making it feel more like 5°C or 6°C compared to the 16°C or 17°C inland.

What do you think?

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