Jan 2021 – Northern Scotland much colder, drier and much sunnier than average

Images and raw data courtesy UKMO

The weather in the North of Scotland during January 2021 was much colder, drier and much sunnier than average. Not that you heard very much about it either from the Met Office or in the weather forecasts from the BBC, in fact Meteogroup seem to take great delight in ignoring the cold weather across the north for the entire month. Even as recently as Friday Tomasz Schafernaker at the end of his forecast on the BBC was saying how the cold weather of the last weekend would be “only temporary” as mild air would soon flood back.

  • Much colder than average, with a mean anomaly of -2.3°C making it the tenth coldest since 1884 and equal coldest with 2010, in fact it was the coldest January in 36 years (since 1985).
  • Rather dry with just 69% of the 1981-2010 long term average rainfall.
  • Much sunnier than average with 157% of the 1981-2010 long term average sunshine and the third sunniest since gridded records began back in 1929.

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