June 2020 – global temperatures

365 Day moving average

My own estimated global temperatures are still on the slide and have been since the 25th of February. I’ll be the first to admit that my findings aren’t supported at all by six out of the seven global monthly estimates, and as in previous months my findings have been in stark contrast to most of them. Even though it’s rather embarrassing, I’ll stick to my simple methodology I employ, that is using daily averages from reanalysis gridded data which I download from NOAA. Even though my ten year linear trend is far higher at 0.195°C/decade than any of the global temperature estimates, so far none seem to have captured the recent slide in global temperatures that have occurred in recent months.

June 1948-2020

My findings for June 2020 indicate that June was only the 10th warmest since 1948, having said that, the top twenty are only separated by 0.13 of a degree.

Ranked June 2020

So I await with bated breath the imminent release of the June estimates of global temperature (and in the case of the UKMO the May and June estimates) in a vain hope that they also reflect what I an the UAH have found.

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