June 2020 – northern hemisphere temperature

Mean temperature anomalies - June 2020
Mean temperature anomalies – June 2020
Courtesy of NCEP reanalysis data

I thought I would expand the coverage of my chart of mean temperature anomalies to display anomalies right across the northern hemisphere this month (June 2020). It may have been very warm in June over parts of Siberia, but it was just as warm in Scandinavia (+5°C) which never seemed to make the headlines as it was happening. There were also three significant cold pools across Asia (-6°C), again all of these were scarcely mentioned in the media because of the frenzy concerning the Siberian heatwave and the forest fires. Other than that the Mediterranean was on the cool side, and the bulk of the North Atlantic remained below average, as did Iceland and a large part of Greenland too. Most of Alaska and Canada was colder than average, although the midwest of America was very warm (+4°). On the strength of these anomalies in the northern hemisphere alone, I can’t see June 2020 being the warmest globally, but then again, I am frequently wrong in my predictions in that regard!

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