Katesbridge the icebox of Northern Ireland does it again

The 18-06 minimum at Katesbridge county Down last night was a remarkably low -6.1°C and according to the Met Office it was close to the all time Northern Ireland extreme minimum for May of -6.5°C. It’s no wonder that Katesbridge is known as the icebox of Northern Ireland, and must be a particularly good frost hollow. Last night was a perfect example, while other parts of Ireland were generally in the range -2°C to -4°C Katesbridge was a couple of degrees lower than that. I did the usual and attempted to find the location of the Stevenson screen, which was far from straightforward as the screen enclosure is not really in Katesbridge at all, but in the end I found it. It’s not to be found in a classic steep sided valley by a river as I suspected but in gently rolling countryside which slopes down from the Mourne mountains to the northeast. There is a very informative article about the Katesbridge weather station written by Mark Vogan that you can find here.

Courtesy of Google Maps
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