Lamb circulation indices, sine waves and that missed named storm

This is an infographic of the climate indices drawn from the objective Lamb Weather type data for the last four months since the 16th of December and you’ll notice that there seems to be a bit of a sine wave curve going on in the 12 UTC mean sea level pressure for the LWT area since the end of January. You’ll also notice the very cold easterly during the first two weeks of February before it abruptly veered into a southerly. Not a good winter as far as named storms were concerned I blame global warming for that. The gale index bar chart highlights the three named storms that occurred this winter, the last one being storm Darcy on the 5th of February named by the KNMI. You’ll also notice that the highest gale index wasn’t named, it was for a prolonged spell of storm force southeasterly winds in western areas on the 14th of February, the so called Valentine days storm, well that’s what I dubbed it at the time, which only merited a yellow warning according to the UKMO. The other thing that you can see at a glance is how weather types since February have got progressively more anticyclonic.

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