Latest 365 day UK regional rainfall totals

The 365 day precipitation totals from the gridded UKP data are currently well above average in all regions of the UK bar the north of Scotland. I reckon this is a fairly unusual situation in that the usual wettest part of the UK has been comparatively drier than all other areas. Precipitation in the last 365 days seems to have concentrated further south especially in the northwest of England and Wales (129% of the 1981-2010 LTA) and in southwest England and Wales (133% of the LTA). It will be interesting to see just how long this situation persists for during the coming autumn and winter.

The recent comparatively dry August in the north seems to have been responsible for dropping the 365 day anomaly to below 100% of the LTA, probably because the daily values from the wet August in 2019 have now been dropped from the aggregated total. As you can see the running 365 day totals for the last 20 years can vary enormously in this part of the world from 1300 mm to well over 2000 mm per year.

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